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WISE @ Sweden

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24 to 31 december 2017


Course cost 450 Euro or 4500 kronor
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Sigtuna Folkhögskola

Swedish Muslim for Peace and Justice's (SMFR) ambition

is to create a greater understanding of different worldviews, clashes, commonalities and perspectives. A greater understanding will inshallah create greater opportunities for living in Europe as a muslim with a greater understanding of a historical philosophical understanding of Islam and the West.

The WISE@Sweden programme is the first program organized by SMFR in collaboration with CASIS, HAKIM and Ta’dib in relation to the already established WISE Summer School in Malaysia since 2014. It is an initiative to carry fourth the mission to rearticulate and reinstitute the philosophical framework of the mind that is based on the worldview of Islam for men and women of intelligence, integrity and responsibility.

WISE@Sweden is a high-impact intensive project that strives to formulate the true meaning of the self, as understood by Muslim scholars, and in so-doing, strengthening the role of each individual and overcoming generation gaps in implementing a knowledge culture.

As a general statement:

  1. The true meaning of self is built upon a secure knowledge foundation
  2. The knowledge culture and its comprehensive elucidation must be disseminated widely
  3. The synergistic contributions of individuals across multi-generations serve to strengthen the unity of people based on their mutual understanding and concern in regard to knowledge

Such situations as outlined above can be achieved by:

  1. Developing the meaning of self on the foundation of knowledge according to Islamic tradition
  2. Organizing various lecture series that provide an understanding about the knowledge culture along with strategies for strengthening it for continuous implementation
  3. Enlarging the roles and contributions of multi-generational people through the inculcation of the knowledge-culture as a stepping-stone towards the unification of the Muslim people.

The need for strengthening the Muslim collective understanding about the meaning of self becomes ever more crucial today due to the nature of the challenges that face contemporary societies.  The understanding of the true self can be acquired by enlivening the knowledge-culture via educational programs such as the Worldview of Islam Winter School.

Himpunan Keilmuan Muslim (HAKIM)

The Conglomeration of Intellectual Muslims (HAKIM) began in 2002 as a monthly intellectual group meeting for young Muslims who are not only thirsty for Islamic knowledge, but are serious about resurrecting the knowledge culture of the Islamic tradition. Consequently, HAKIM was registered as an official organization on January 6th, 2010. Since January 2011, HAKIM has been offering the Worldview of Islam Series (WISE) an intensive tri-semester course in the Malay Language. The success of this program sparks the idea for an English Language version, the WISE Summer School since 2014 and still on going.

The Centre for Advanced Studies in Islam, Science and Civilization (CASIS)

The Centre for Advanced Studies in Islam, Science and Civilization (CASIS) is a center of learning excellence in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Kuala Lumpur. It was established with the aim of promoting postgraduate studies and continuous learning in the areas of knowledge related to Islam, science and civilization, with a special focus on the worldview of Islam. CASIS is also cognizant of the importance and relevance of other civilizations.

Website: www.utm.my/casis

Ta’dib International

Ta’dib International consisting of independent scholars and intellectuals with full sense of integrity and accountability who, through continual and constructive engagements with all related parties on various crucial levels, have been providing Islamic responses and solutions to the many challenges—intellectual, cultural, educational and scientific—of not only the modern world but also the diverse schools of thought, religious traditions and ideologies. Ta‘dib are currently active in presenting lectures in countless seminars and intellectual discourses and other educational activities not only in Malaysia but also in other countries including Germany, France, Greece, Holland, Sweden, Kosovo, France, Turkey, Iran, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei.